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Opt for Roof Replacement

When Should You Opt for Roof Replacement?

Whether you have a damaged roof or it shows signs of aging, the best way to deal with the condition is by consulting an expert. To ensure your roof remains durable, a professional investigate the condition. Here are the times when it might indicate a roof replacement:

An Aging Roof

The aging factor depends on the type you have. While asphalt shingles can last up to 50 years, copper roofing remains durable for 70 years. The professional may recommend installing a new layer if the roof is ageing. Replacing the roof allows you to catch up with the underlying issues.

Exterior Damage

While examining your roof, the professional will attend to further details on damaged areas. They include slopes of the roof that get direct sunlight. If there is damage in the valleys, the roof will be prone to leaking. Or if there are excessive roof granules, the professional will recommend a replacement.

Damaged Chimney Flushing

Flashing makes the water-tight seal around your chimney or any other penetrations. It is made of steel or aluminium and may last more than 30 years. A damaged chimney flushing indicates an all-inclusive replacement.

Please consult a knowledgeable roofer to learn your roofing condition before opting for a replacement. Who knows, the professional may fix the condition with a repair solution so that you don’t have to spend a hefty amount on the replacement.